I know you're tired of staring at those words... again

After slaving away on a piece for a few hours, the last thing you want is to read and adjust it for the fifteenth time. And even if you are up for it, let’s be honest—at that point, it’s tough to be objective.

Professional editing takes the pressure off

Having your editing done professionally means you can get a 360-degree perspective without the hours of tweaking words back and forth. Plus, a good editing process doesn't only catch errors; it enhances your copy. As a former copywriter, I focus in on how persuasive your piece is, and I look out for opportunities to make it stronger.

The result? Copy that aligns with the reader's desires, hits the right pain points, and has the best chance of making a lasting impact—all while preserving your message and voice.

Whether you're a copywriter getting work ready for production or you're a business owner who wants to improve your website, I'm here to help.

My name is Jessie Lewis

I started my career in one of the largest advertising agencies in the Southwest, writing content for brands like Gore-Tex and Time Warner Cable. I later took a position running marketing at an Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Company before finally launching my own copywriting business.

But while my business was growing and my clients loved the results, it wasn't my passion. It wasn’t until a client requested edits for website copy that I realized I had a real knack for utilizing that copy know-how to bring out the best in others’ work.

So, after a four-year career as a content writer and copywriter, I launched Copykin Editing Co. to continue serving the community of content creators, copywriters, and go-getter business owners like you.

I believe that when writers and editors work together, their impact multiplies

That’s why I named it Copykin—we operate on two sides of the same coin.

I'll be the Alfred to your Batman, the Chewie to your Han Solo. You focus on writing the head-turning, world-dominating, reader-aligned copy. Leave it to me to smooth the edges, fill in the blind spots, and optimize it for maximum impact.

Ready to get started? Send me your document to get a quote and proposed timeline.