Persuasion-focused editing means marketing copy that gets results

This ain't your high school teacher's editing. For one, I just said "ain't."

I copy edit for the basics

  • Typos
  • Grammar
  • Clarity
  • Sentence structure

...And far beyond

  • Introductions that leave the reader desperate for more
  • Telling your story the right way
  • Calling out information gaps that need more love
  • Calls-to-action that your readers will actually click

This is considered substantive editing. I'll be going as deep as necessary with your writing to ensure it does its job.

My editing philosophy

My job is to make your work stronger. My job is not to bulldoze your writing. You know the audience and message best. I'll give you thorough feedback, but you'll always have the final say in which edits you choose to keep.

Why work with me?

As an experienced content creator and copywriter, I've helped both major brands and one-woman shops publish great words. Whether you've written copy for your own website and you want a professional review, or you create copy for a living and want to always put out top-notch work, I'm here to help.

Psst—your clients will love you for it

Do you write for clients? Boost your professionalism (and your prices) by assuring them that all final work is reviewed and polished by your editor.

Boom. Instant credibility.


I charge a flat fee on a per-page basis. 1 page = up to 350 words.

Sales Copy Editing

Website copy, sales pages, email sequences, ad copy, etc.

When it comes to getting readers to take an action, every word has a part to play. In addition to editing for clarity, I pay special attention to the piece’s persuasion, its tone of voice for the given audience, and ensuring it keeps the reader’s attention all the way to the bottom.

Includes proofreading.

1 page of 350 words: $140
Retainer: $699 for up to 7 pages per month


Content Copy Editing

Blog articles, online course content, white papers, etc.

Information- and education-focused content must primarily be engaging. I edit for ease of reading and clarity of ideas, and I’ll call out any areas that can be trimmed back or are missing important information.

Are you writing a search-optimized piece? I’ll happily review it for additional SEO opportunities, but know that I won’t hesitate to cut out awkward-sounding keyword usage. Reader first, always.

Includes proofreading.

1 page of 350 words: $75
Retainer: $375 for up to 7 pages per month


Proofreading Plus

Are you a copywriter or content creator? I also offer proofreading on its own to ensure your text is 100% error-free and ready to publish (without altering word choices). But as with all of my packages, I strive to offer the best possible service—in addition to grammar errors and typos, I'll also review for consistency and formatting.

Retainer only: $125 for up to 7 pages per month

Get edits on your first piece

Interested in a retainer?

If you produce copy or content regularly, a retainer is the most cost-effective way to utilize my services. I can also create custom retainer packages if you need more than 7 pages per month.

Retainers have an initial 3-month commitment, followed by monthly billing.

Contact me to learn more.

The editing process

Here's how we'll keep your project running smoothly

1 | Send me your document

I can work with both Word Docs and Google Docs.

2 | Agree on a timeline

I'll send you a quote and proposed timeline. Once we’ve got the details settled, I’ll send you an agreement and invoice to complete. Editing begins!

3 | Get the edits

I’ll send you the document with tracked changes.

If you’ve ordered Proofreading Plus on its own, the process ends here—enjoy your clean, beautiful copy.


4 | Review the comments

With a full copy editing process, I’ll include more extensive edits, suggestions to make the piece stronger, and comments to explain the reasoning. Feel free to reach out with questions.

5 | Make the final changes

Accept the changes and use my suggestions to adjust the copy as you see fit.

6 | Get 100% clean copy

With the copy editing process complete, you can send it back for a final proofread. Every editing project includes Proofreading Plus to ensure the end result is clean and ready to publish!


"How deep will your edits go?"

It depends on what a given piece needs. Sometimes, some carefully-thought out suggestions are enough to make a good piece great. Other times, I'll write out my full suggested alternative, to the point of rewording whole sections.

But don't worry. I always strive to preserve your original message and voice, and you always have the final say in which edits you choose to keep before the final proofreading process.

"What if I don't like the result?"

Copy editing can be a subjective science, and although I make my edits based on the best of my experience, I fully understand that sometimes they need a bit more grooming to get just right. On that rare occasion, I'm happy to do 1 round of revisions; however, since you are buying my expertise, I don't offer refunds.

If you're on the fence, I always recommend starting with just a page or two to ensure we're a good fit!

"Can you rewrite existing copy in a different voice?"

Sometimes. I can make business-y copy sound more relaxed, and I'm great at evening out that balance between bubbly-and-approachable-yet-still-professional. However, I can only work with what you've given me.

And although it shouldn't have to be said, please only send in copy you have either written yourself or you have copyright permissions for (such as if you had someone write your copy for you). We stick to original work 'round these parts!

"How long is your turnaround time?"
It depends on my current workload, but I strive to keep most projects within 1 week from the day our project starts to the completion of the final proofreading. Naturally, Proofreading Plus has shorter turnaround times. Please let me know of any timeline constraints when you reach out and I'll do my best to accommodate.

Finalize your copy faster than ever before