“Why isn’t my website making sales?”

At some point in the business growth journey, you bit the bullet and invested in a website. You poured precious time and resources into making it sparkle (or at least not be a total embarrassment), knowing that it would be the virtual front door of your entire operation.

And yet…

> The sales pages don’t sell.
> Your bounce rate is through the roof.
> And more than a few of the leads that sounded so promising... stopped replying to your emails.

You’re starting to feel silly even putting the URL on your business cards.

Here’s a secret that every successful website owner knows:

You can have a gorgeous website that matches your brand to a T. But if it wasn’t created with conversion principles in mind, it isn’t going to convert your readers into customers.

And if your website wasn’t designed to convert? Don’t worry–you don’t need to start from scratch. You just need to know what to change to bring it back into alignment with your readers.

Get a step-by-step checklist of the adjustments your site needs to finally start turning your visitors into customers

With the right content in the right places, you can drive visitors toward whatever action you want them to take—whether that's an email sign-up, a purchase, a download, or a lead form.

I'll provide clear answers on:

...Why your visitors aren't buying, even if you have lots of traffic

...Which words to tweak to ensure you're coming across as a trustworthy professional 🙋‍♀️

...What information your readers want (that you currently aren't providing!)

...How to reorganize your pages or content to decrease confusion and drive visitors toward taking the desired action—like, you know, subscribing to your email list already

Here’s what you’ll get in your custom Website Review

Page-by-Page Video Analysis

I’ll go through your website one page at a time to tell you exactly what changes to make in order to increase your conversions and build trust with your customers.

Up to 8 pages

Your PDF Implementation Checklist

You’ll get an in-depth checklist that summarizes all of my recommendations for easy reference. Print it out when you’re ready to make the changes, or use it as a communication tool with your developer.

Priority Email Support

For the week after you receive the review, you’ll have priority email access to me to ask any follow-up questions as you work through the checklist.

What business owners have said

Jessie highlighted important blockages to making sales and getting signups on my site that I just couldn't see. I would definitely recommend her for anyone who is struggling to get their website to work for their business, whatever your goals are!"

- Eryn Johnson, Living Open

It went from a site that people would pass over unless they knew who it was for to a site that makes people want to stay and shop!

- Jess Lynn, Reverie Vie

Turn your website into the sales tool it’s supposed to be

The Positive Improvement Guarantee

I make my recommendations based on my training, knowledge, and first-hand experience as a conversion copywriter. I am committed to only giving advice that works, and I will always do my utmost to ensure you get what you pay for.

If by some chance you implement my recommendations and they don’t result in a positive change for your website, contact me within 60 days of receipt and I’ll work with you directly to see if there are further changes we can make together. If I can’t help you improve your site, I’ll happily offer a full refund.